Bari Airport

Covid PCR Test

Covid PCR Test

Results in 20 minutes

Bari Airport in Bari carries out Covid tests to detect infection from COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The results are usually valid up to 48 hours for Antigen tests and up to 72 hours for PCR tests.

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Bari Airport

Viale Enzo Ferrari, 70128 Bari Metropolitan CityBari, Italy


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Phone: 3455402979

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An area has been set up at the Karol Wojtyla airport in Bari for the administration of rapid Covid antigen tests. The area, on the arrivals floor, has two stations capable of ensuring a total of 90 tests per hour, the outcome of which will be processed within 15-20 minutes. Appointments are required by calling +39800196964 (between 9am and 6pm) or by email writing to [email protected]

FAQs and information on Covid PCR Test

The RT-PCR antigen test (Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction) is the standard gold method to quickly and accurately identify any traces of Covid-19 current infection in the body. This is the most common type of test used to prove that you are currently infected when travelling abroad. These tests require a swab, which can be self-administered or performed by a healthcare professional. These swabs are then sent to a specialised laboratory which can often return results in less than 24 hours.

How long it takes to get the result of a PCR test?

Some PCR test to detect the Coronavirus infection may require only a few hours to produce results if samples are tested on-site, or it may take a few days if the samples are sent elsewhere for testing. On average, you can expect to receive the results of an RT-PCR test within 2-5 days. On we try to provide guidance on timelines that each laboratory and pharmacy offers.

Where can I get a PCR test to detect the infection Coronavirus in Italy?

If you want to do a private test, you can find laboratories or pharmacies in Italy that offers this service. On we have over 4,000 centres throughout Italy offering different types of Covid-19 tests, including PCR tests.

What is the cost for a PCR test in Italy?

As for the cost of other medical services, the prices for a 19-Covid Private molecular test can vary from place to place. In some cases, the price is set by the regions in which the structure performs the test. On average, the cost you can get around 60 € - 80 €. At we try to provide cost information for test centres included on our platform.

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