Casa di Cura e Poliambulatorio Villa Iris Srl Verified

Covid Test in Pianezza - Torino

Via Cesare Pavese, 12, 10044 Pianezza TO, Italia

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Casa di Cura e Poliambulatorio Villa Iris Srl is a private clinic in Pianezza - Torino that carries out tests to detect infection from COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Il Poliambulatorio è accreditato con il servizio sanitario per esami di laboratorio, radiodiagnostica, recupero e rieducazione di I° Livello, logopedia, neuropsicomotricità, psicologia, odontoiatria,

Rapid Antigen test

  • Price: €40.00
  • Referral from a doctor not required
  • Appointment not required
  • Results ready in 5 hours
  • si esegue la mattina dalle ore 10.00- 11.00

Antibody test

  • Price: €45.00
  • Referral from a doctor not required
  • Appointment not required
  • Results ready in 72 hours
  • si esegue dal lun al sab dalle ore 8.00 alle ore 9.00

Casa di Cura e Poliambulatorio Villa Iris Srl in Pianezza - Torino


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011 9682282

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  • Rapid Antigen test
  • Antibody test
  • Accessibility for the Disabled
  • Recognised by Piemonte region

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FAQs on Coronavirus testing

Which Coronavirus test are accepted by airlines?

Molecular (PCR) tests are typically accepted by airlines, but more and more frequently are also accepted antigen test results. Usually, it is required that the test has not been done before 48 hours from the date of the flight. For more details, we recommend you check with your airline and the official information of the destination country. The result must be available even for international travel, in English and/or in the country's language where you are going.

Do I need a Green Pass to travel in Italy?

Italy for now will recognise proof of negative Covid Tests (PCR or antigen) or proof of a vaccination recognised by the EU. The Green Pass is expected to be gradually rolled out in summe (after mid-June). At that stage, it is suggested to check with official Italian sources or with your airline.

Do I need a doctor's prescription for a rapid antigen Covid test in Italy?

Usually antigen tests do not require the prescription of a doctor in Italy. However, it is good to inform your doctor about the values ​​of the results in order to enable it to assess whether or not there is the need to prescribe a possible molecular tests.

What is a Covid-19 serological test?

Serological tests can be used by scientists to measure the antibody response of an individual who can help you determine if someone is infected with the virus COVID-19 in the past. These tests might be of interest to an individual if they had not carried out a PCR test when he suffered from symptoms in the past or to determine if someone has had an infection asymptotic. Although many clinics and private laboratories provide serological tests, these are not generally used by the travel or the target locations concerned about the current health of someone and if you have been infected by the virus.

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