L.A.B.10 Laboratorio Analisi Biologiche


Covid Test in Buddus├▓

Via Eleonora, 32, 07020 Buddus├▓ SS, Italy

PCR Molecular Test

  • Results ready in 24 hours
  • Referral from a doctor not required
  • Appointment not required
  • English Test Result
  • EU Covid Certificate with QR code

Rapid Antigen Test / Lateral Flow Test

  • Results ready in 20 minutes
  • Referral from a doctor not required
  • Appointment not required

Antibody Test

  • Results ready in 4 hours
  • Referral from a doctor not required
  • Appointment not required

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L.A.B.10 Laboratorio Analisi Biologiche in Buddus├▓ - Sassari

Via Eleonora, 32, 07020 Buddus├▓ SS, Italy



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L.A.B.10 Laboratorio Analisi Biologiche is a private clinic in Buddus├▓ - Sassari that carries out tests to detect infection from COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

  • PCR Molecular Test
  • Rapid Antigen Test / Lateral Flow Test
  • Antibody Test
  • English Test Result

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FAQs on Coronavirus testing

Are do-it-yourself Covid-19 tests accepted for travelling?

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 test results do-it-yourself tests are not accepted where travel is required. This is because travel is required for a test carried out by qualified medical personnel, a patient's test high level of specificity/sensitivity and details on the report.

Do I still need to quarantine in Italy despite having a negative test result?

Depending on the country from which/to which you are travelling, you may be required to comply with a quarantine period of isolation, even in the case in which the result of a test by Covid-19 is negative. Please visit the website of the country where you are going.

How long it takes to get the result of a PCR test?

Some PCR test to detect the Coronavirus infection may require only a few hours to produce results if samples are tested on-site, or it may take a few days if the samples are sent elsewhere for testing. On average, you can expect to receive the results of an RT-PCR test within 2-5 days. On faiuntestevai.it we try to provide guidance on timelines that each laboratory and pharmacy offers.

What is a rapid Coronavirus test?

Unlike PCR tests that require sending swabs to a specialised laboratory, the rapid tests (also called antigens) can return results without being sent to a specialised structure. Some tests provide results even while waiting in less than fifteen minutes. These tests are also known as lateral flow method or fluorescence.

What is the difference between qualitative test, quantitative and semi-quantitative?

In relation to infection by Coronavirus, a qualitative test determines the "if" while quantitative tests and semi-quantitative answer to the question "what?" By measuring the level of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in a patient's blood sample, the quantitative tests and semi-quantitative give a more definitive answer on the body's immune response to the virus.

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