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TCT Test in Grottaferrata


Strada Provinciale Sant'Anna in Grottaferrata, 00046 Grottaferrata RM, Italia


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Cytology Test Casa di Cura Roma INI - GROTTAFERRATA

Get a TCT Test (Cytologic Evaluation) in Grottaferrata with Casa di Cura Roma INI - GROTTAFERRATA.

Find out about the cost and other information on this page and contact Casa di Cura Roma INI - GROTTAFERRATA directly to book a Cytology Test.

Unfortunately, more details are unavailable at this time as Casa di Cura Roma INI - GROTTAFERRATA has not yet claimed this page.

Common conditions covered by a Cytologic Evaluation

Cancer Fetal abnormalities Pap smears Thyroid lesions Inflammatory conditions Infectious diseases

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Cytology involves examining cells from bodily tissues or fluids to aid diagnosis. It tests for damaged, abnormal or dead cells in the sample, particularly cancerous cells.

HCPs only use a diagnostic test for a person with signs or symptoms suggestive of a particular disease or infection. It could be ordered to diagnose infectious diseases, inflammatory conditions, examine thyroid lesions, and diseases involving body spaces such as pericardium and pleural fluid.

The test involves the collection of blood/tissue or fluid samples, and sample collection is different for each type of cytology test. After proper sample collection, cells are processed and examined via laboratory methods. Finally, the results are available in the form of laboratory reports.

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