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DNA Test in Riccione

Analisi Cliniche Emolab Di S.Ciacio & C. S.R.L.

Viale Torquato Tasso, 120, 47838 Riccione RN, Italia


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DNA Test Analisi Cliniche Emolab Di S.Ciacio & C. S.R.L.

Get a DNA Test in Riccione with Analisi Cliniche Emolab Di S.Ciacio & C. S.R.L..

Find out about the cost and other information on this page and contact Analisi Cliniche Emolab Di S.Ciacio & C. S.R.L. directly to book a DNA Test.

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Common conditions covered by a DNA Test

Marfan syndrome Huntington's disease Sickle cell anemia Cystic fibrosis

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DNA testing can determine relationships between individuals, such as whether a man is the father of a child. Testing kits are available and used for peace of mind. DNA tests are often used in court cases to prove paternity in maintenance claims.

DNA is present in every cell and saliva, blood, hair and fingernail samples most commonly used for DNA testing. Most DNA tests involve testing cheek cells. These cheek cells are collected by rubbing a mouth swab on the inside of the person's cheeks to contain cells from inside the mouth, from which DNA is extracted, and gene sequences are matched.

It simply matches the base sequences of parental DNA to conclude results.

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All human beings were born with a distinct identity. We all have different features from the other person; if anything, our differences make us stand out uniquely from the other people around us....

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