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Test at-Home / Self-testing

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This is an At Home Test service that can be carried out at a time and a location most convenient to you. Please read the details below for information on how the test can be carried out online and if a kit needs to be collected or delivered to you.

DNA Test innovabiohealth S.r.l.

Find out about the cost and other information on this page and contact innovabiohealth S.r.l. directly to book a DNA Test.

Scopri il tuo rischio genetico di sviluppare tumori della mammella e dell’ovaio, se necessario, esegui test specifici di follow-up con lo scopo di sviluppare un piano d'azione preventivo. Se sono presenti varianti patogenetiche ereditarie, infatti, aumenta il rischio di sviluppare tumori della mammella e dell’ovaio nel corso della tua vita; esserne a conoscenza è utile in quanto permette l’implementazione di strategie di screening o di opzioni di riduzione del rischio mediante follow up mirati, modifica dello stile di vita o ricorso a terapie.
innovabiohealth S.r.l.

innovabiohealth S.r.l. rende disponibili soluzioni di digital healthcare e di telemedicina.

Ha sviluppato e gestisce il portale testinclick™ (www.testinclick.com) per l’esecuzione di esami di diagnostica di laboratorio con autoprelievo a domicilio.

Common conditions covered by a DNA Test

Marfan syndrome Huntington's disease Sickle cell anemia Cystic fibrosis


DNA testing can determine relationships between individuals, such as whether a man is the father of a child. Testing kits are available and used for peace of mind. DNA tests are often used in court cases to prove paternity in maintenance claims.

It simply matches the base sequences of parental DNA to conclude results.

This testing is simple and effective, with accurate results most of the time depending upon sample collection.

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All human beings were born with a distinct identity. We all have different features from the other person; if anything, our differences make us stand out uniquely from the other people around us....

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€122.55 with our promocode

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