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Food Allergy Test in Rome - Roma

Farmacia San Marco Del Dott. Giulio Palmieri

Via Aosta, 89, 00182 Roma RM, Italia


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Food Sensitivity Test Farmacia San Marco Del Dott. Giulio Palmieri

Get a Food Allergy Test (Food Intolerance Test) in Rome - Roma with Farmacia San Marco Del Dott. Giulio Palmieri.

Find out about the cost and other information on this page and contact Farmacia San Marco Del Dott. Giulio Palmieri directly to book a Food Sensitivity Test.

Le intolleranze alimentari sono reazioni avverse al cibo, che pur provocando a volte sintomi simili a quelli delle allergie intestinali, non sono dovute a una reazione del nostro sistema immunitario e dipendono dalle dosi dell’alimento ingerito. Noi di Farmacia San Marco effettuiamo il test sulle intolleranze alimentari per scoprire la causa di eventuali disagi in modo semplice e sicuro.
Farmacia San Marco Del Dott. Giulio Palmieri
servizio tamponi dalle 9.00 alle 12.00 e dalle 15.00 alle 17.30

Common conditions covered by a Food Intolerance Test

Lactose intolerance Histamine intolerant Gluten sensitivity Salicylate intolerance FODMAP intolerance Sulfite sensitivity

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Food Allergy Test FAQs

It indicates different reactions to one or more foods or food ingredients. The body can no longer digest and assimilate a particular substance.

Fingerpick blood sample is collected via a kit-based method. The kit methods help identify mild, moderate or severe intolerances in the body.

This test evaluates the response of the body's immune system to that particular ingredient by measuring the levels of IgE - an allergy-mediated antibody in the blood.

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