Influenza: how and where to get tested in Italy

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Influenza - symptoms and how to test

The influenza virus is the infectious agent that causes respiratory sickness known as influenza. Its effects range from minor illness to potentially fatal outcomes. Getting a flu shot yearly is the most effective strategy to protect yourself from the virus. The flu may affect anybody, including the healthy, and it can cause catastrophic consequences at any age. However, certain people are more likely than others to experience severe flu-related complications. The term "flu" refers to the viral respiratory infection caused by the influenza virus. Flu tests can offer definitive results as a diagnostic tool for doctors to determine if a patient has the flu. If you have contracted influenza, your doctor may prescribe antiviral medication. Antiviral medication is the term for it.

Tests that cover Influenza

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Influenza testing locations in Italy

Influenza at-Home and Self Tests