Men's Health Checkup

Men and women need to get checked regularly to evaluate their health status. As with women, men also tend to undergo several bodily changes throughout their life. They also become predisposed to develop different conditions due to specific influences and underlying conditions in their bodies. 

A men’s annual checkup comprises going through an evaluation for the following components: 

  • Blood pressure screening
  • Cholesterol monitoring (lipid profile) 
  • Diabetes screening and monitoring 
  • Dental Exam
  • Infectious Diseases screening
  • Testicular exam 
  • Skin examination
  • Prostate examination 

A regular checkup for the parameters mentioned above will rule out the presence of any significant diseases and make sure that a man is healthy and not living under the influence of any visible or invisible disease. 

Common conditions covered by a Men's Health Checkup

Diabetes, Cancer, Cardiovascular disease, Depression, Colon cancer, Hypertention, Abdominal aortic aneurysm

Men's Health Checkup At Home and Online

FAQs on Men's Health Checkup

What checkups are essential for men?

Men lead stressed lives and are less likely to seek help and ignore symptoms. Therefore, men require comprehensive mental and physical checkups from time to time as they age.

What includes in men's health checkups?

A variety of tests can include comprehensive health checkups such as blood pressure, Diabetes, dental exams, prostate screening, dermatology checkups, and testicular exams.

How frequently should I check up?

The testing frequency depends on the male's age and the test type to be carried out. These must be consulted with the doctor and scheduled as advised.

Why do men need cardiovascular checkups much more than women?

Men are more predisposed to developing coronary artery disease due to increasing smoking. Moreover, estrogen in women may offer protection against atherosclerosis.

What is the importance of these checkups?

These checkups can better highlight the overall health of a male and can adjust treatment accordingly.