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PCR Covid Test in Fiorenzuola d'Arda


Via Fratelli Magni, 7, 29017 Fiorenzuola d'Arda PC, Italia


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08:00 – 18:00
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Get a PCR Covid Test (Covid PCR Test) in Fiorenzuola d'Arda with TECO Srl to check for an infection from COVID-19 (Coronavirus). If you're travelling, the results are usually valid for up to 48 hours for Rapid Antigen tests and up to 72 hours for PCR tests.

Find out about the cost and other information on this page and contact TECO Srl directly to book a PCR Test.

TECO S.r.L. è una società specializzata che, da venti anni, opera nella progettazione ed erogazione di servizi di consulenza e monitoraggio in materia di: sicurezza sul lavoro, consulenza ambiente, indagini e controlli ambientali, medicina del lavoro, formazione, progettazione industriale e civile, sicurezza sui cantieri, igiene degli alimenti, sistemi di gestione (sicurezza, ambiente, qualità)

Common conditions covered by a Covid PCR Test

COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2 Influenza Sore throat Fever

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PCR Covid Test FAQs

Some PCR test to detect the Coronavirus infection may require only a few hours to produce results if samples are tested on-site, or it may take a few days if the samples are sent elsewhere for testing. On average, you can expect to receive the results of an RT-PCR test within 2-5 days. On faiuntestevai.it we try to provide guidance on timelines that each laboratory and pharmacy offers.

As for the cost of other medical services, the prices for a 19-Covid Private molecular test can vary from place to place. In some cases, the price is set by the regions in which the structure performs the test. On average, the cost you can get around 60 € - 80 €. At faiuntestevai.it we try to provide cost information for test centres included on our platform.

RT-PCR or NAAT test is the gold standard for COVID19 infection as it is a diagnostic test to check the current disorder. This test detects the COVID19 RNA in samples.

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The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test for Covid is a test that helps analyse whether a person is suffering from Covid infection or not. The PCR Test for Covid is so far considered to be th...

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