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Rapid Covid Test in Bresso

Farmacia Moderna

Via Vittorio Veneto, 51, 20091 Bresso MI, Italia


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Antigen Test Farmacia Moderna

Get a Rapid Covid Test (Lateral Flow Test) in Bresso with Farmacia Moderna to check for an infection from COVID-19 (Coronavirus). If you're travelling, the results are usually valid for up to 48 hours for Rapid Antigen tests and up to 72 hours for PCR tests.

Find out about the cost and other information on this page and contact Farmacia Moderna directly to book an Antigen Test.

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Common conditions covered by a Lateral Flow Test

COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2 Influenza Sore throat Fever

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Rapid Covid Test FAQs

Recently, the European Union has agreed to mutually recognise rapid antigen test/lateral flow tests.

The rapid antigen tests are designed for quick results and rapid detection of the new coronavirus. Usually, you can get results from an antigen test within 15 minutes. This is because the test does not require any specialized laboratory equipment and can easily be performed in a doctor's office or clinical setting. Keep in mind that increased testing across the nation can mean a more significant burden on laboratories, which may contribute to longer waiting times than usual for a lab result.

As for the cost of other medical services, prices for a quick test private Coronavirus may vary from place to place. In some cases, the price is adjusted by the regions in which the structure performs the test. On average, the cost you can get around 20 € - 30 €. At we try to provide cost information for test centres included on our platform.

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The Covid Antigen Test

The Rapid Test to check for the presence of COVID can be carried out in pharmacies, specialized laboratories and clinics, or at home. In addition to reporting the presence of the viral infecti...

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