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Strep Throat Test in Terni

Farmacia Marcelli

Viale Curio Dentato, 94, 05100 Terni TR, Italia


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Strep Test Farmacia Marcelli

Get a Strep Throat Test (Strep A Test) in Terni with Farmacia Marcelli.

Find out about the cost and other information on this page and contact Farmacia Marcelli directly to book a Strep Test.

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Common conditions covered by a Strep A Test

Ear infections Sore throat Fever Streptococcal pneumonia Meningitis Rheumatic fever

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Strep Throat Test FAQs

No specific preparations are required for a quick strep test or a throat culture.

Swab tests pose a minimal danger; however, they may cause slight pain and vomiting.

Rapid strep test kits are accessible without a doctor's prescription and can be purchased at any pharmacy. These tests are quick and straightforward when used, with results available within as little as five minutes. It functions similarly to a fast test used by doctors.

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Strep Test - what is it and how the test is done

A throat culture, often known as a strep test, is used to predict the existence of group A streptococcus bacteria, the most frequent condition of strep throat, using a throat swab. Other illnesses...

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