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Health checks for women - what is it and how the test is done

Being a woman comes with its challenges. A woman has to go through several bodily changes throughout her life. These changes cause a woman’s health to become compromised, especially if she does not take care of herself in the way that she is supposed to. Therefore, to address this problem, there are several monthly, annual, and bi-annual women's health checkups and evaluation tests that are recommended for women. Ideally, women should get these tests done to see if they might be facing any health-related issues or underlying problems that could pose serious risks to their health in the long run. Some of these recommended tests for evaluating a woman’s health status include: - Pap Smears - Mammograms - Bone Density Screening - Blood Glucose Tests - Cholesterol Tests - Body Mass Index Screening - Dental Screening - Skin Examination All these tests have their respective importance and are performed differently. But the main purpose of all of them is the same - to evaluate and find out the health status of a woman and determine if she is suffering from any serious health condition or not.

Common conditions covered by a Women's Health Checkup

HIV Cardiovascular disease Breast cancer Cervical cancer STDs Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) Yeast Infection

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Health checks for women FAQs

Women's Health Checkup termly screenings are essential as women undergo a lot of physical challenges throughout their life. Also, women are more prone to diseases and nutritional deficiencies than men. Women may not have much time to take care of themselves when they have a job and a home to handle.

This checkup has several monthly, annual, and bi-annual checkup programs and evaluation tests suited to women's convenience, age, and health status.

These checkups involve Pap Smears, Mammograms, bone density, blood glucose monitoring, cholesterol levels, weight and body mass index screening, dental Screening, and skin examination.

Your GP or doctor will assess your health and educate you about enrolling in a Women's Health Checkup program. Not all the tests will be conducted at once because the tests require proper conditions and timings for accurate results. Your health care providers will help you throughout the program.

The tests included in Women's Health Checkups differ and provide meaningful information about a woman's health status. These are especially helpful if a woman is nursing a child or she is pregnant. This comprehensive screening targets a single woman's health needs and goals.

A Women's Health Checkup in Italy costs on average 75 Euros. (information based on our data as of September 2022)