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LDL Test in Celle Ligure


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Cholesterol Test Synlab

Get an LDL Test (HDL test) in Celle Ligure with Synlab.

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Il colesterolo è la principale frazione lipidica delle lipoproteine, ovvero un grasso presente in tutte le cellule dell’organismo, e riveste un valore significativo nelle patogenesi cardiovascolari. In caso di valori elevati, il valore ottimale è inferiore ai 200 mg/dl. Il colesterolo HDL, comunemente chiamato “colesterolo buono”, agisce eliminando il colesterolo in eccesso che si forma sulle arterie e protegge , quindi, da aterosclerosi e infarto cardiaco. Per tale motivi, livelli oltre i 40mg/dl riducono il rischio cardiovascolare, mentre livelli bassi lo aumentano. Il colesterolo LDL è una lipoproteina che innesca il processo di aterosclerosi, accumulandosi sulle pareti delle arterie ed ostacolando il passaggio del sangue formando delle placche. Più il valore dell’LDL è alto, maggiore è il rischio di aterosclerosi. Il valore ottimale è inferiore a 100 mg/dl.

Common conditions covered by an HDL test

High Blood Pressure Diabetes Coronary Heart Disease Stroke Peripheral Vascular Disease Erectile Dysfunction

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Cholesterol is a common lipid/ fat substance that our body synthesizes and stores in varying densities. An average level of cholesterol is essential for healthy body functioning. However, excess cholesterol is a normal finding upon a blood test, often raised abnormally.

Too much calorie intake and a sedentary lifestyle can increase the deposition and storage of cholesterol in the body in the form of 'plaques' within the blood vessels (atherosclerosis). It is very harmful as it narrows the spaces within blood vessels for the blood to flow; therefore, blood supply is inadequate to the tissues leading to common signs of fatigue, breathlessness, and increased heart rate to compensate. A raised bad cholesterol can predispose a person to chronic heart and blood vessel diseases.

People who have deranged lipid profiles have multiple chronic conditions altogether. The management of cholesterol levels by proper therapy can help the overall health of the person and can significantly better treatment outcomes.

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