Frequently Asked Questions on Covid-19 testing

Covid-19 Testing for Businesses

Why is it important that companies test asymptomatic persons?

In line with the government guidelines, if an employee of a company shows symptoms of Covid-19, you must proceed with the isolation measures and tracking as well as the carrying out of a molecular PCR test. Asymptomatic employees may potentially be carrying the virus but never develop symptoms or being in a pre-symptomatic phase, in which the symptoms have not yet developed. Because these employees could still transmit the virus and cause a potential epidemic in a working environment, regular tests are intended to identify these individuals who are carriers of the virus and may not be aware of and then isolate them from the workplace.

What are the benefits of routine testing against Covid-19 in the workplace?

Testing for Covid-19 in workplaces enables companies to reassure employees about their safety and act quickly to the possibility that a positive test is returned to an employee asymptomatic.

What coronavirus tests are recommended for companies?

We recommend the PCR antigen test as the standard method to quickly and accurately identify any traces of Covid-19 current infection in the body. The Antigen PCR test for Covid-19 enables organisations to detect if an employee in the workplace has the virus on their system when the test is administered. If positive, the employer can take immediate measures to ensure that the virus is contained and can not spread within the company.

Stay home and call your doctor: if you think you have been exposed to coronavirus and develop a fever & any symptoms, such as cough or difficulty breathing, call your healthcare provider for medical advice.