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Common conditions covered by an Intestinal Microbiome Test

Celiac disease Autoimmune diseases Inflammatory bowel disease Gastritis Chronic vomiting Unintentional weight loss

Microbiome Test - what is it and how the test is done

Our gut is an efficient and intelligent part of the body that knows its job too well. Along with its working mechanism, it is also assisted by several bacteria and microorganisms that are a normal part of it and that make its job much easier by filtering out other harmful bacteria and toxins that can harm it. 

Several people face specific digestive issues. It becomes difficult for them to deal with these issues because of their chronic and persistent nature. 

Therefore, under these circumstances, a doctor might order the person to get an intestinal microbiome test done to see if there is anything wrong with the gut's normal flora. 

This test is usually carried out using a stool sample. It helps evaluate the type and quantity of a person's gut microbiome and see if any harmful bacteria or microorganism might have made their way to their gut. 

These tests do not have any diagnostic value; they are only used for evaluation purposes. 

Gut Microbiome Test FAQs

Our digestion process is unique as gut bacteria aid it. Suppose the necessary bacteria required to produce vitamins and other precursors are absent. In that case, the methods of digestion absorption may become less effective and lead to nutritional deficiencies or poor health.

These provide insight into gut bacteria.

The doctor may take a sample of a person's stool and grow the bacteria they find on it in a lab. This process determines what type of bacteria is causing specific symptoms, such as diarrhoea, and informs the treatment options they recommend.

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