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Find where to get a Liver Function Test at-Home or with self-testing. Compare details and costs of the best self-testing options in Italy.

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Common conditions covered by a Liver Function Test

Hepatitis A Hepatitis B Alcoholic hepatitis Cirrhosis Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP) Hepatitis C

LFT Test - what is it and how the test is done

The liver is the body's largest organ, next only to the skin. The liver has several vital functions to perform. It stores energy from the food, processes it, and even synthesizes several other prod...

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Liver Function Test FAQs

A liver panel is essential for detecting chronic or acute types of hepatitis. These are also for monitoring therapy of liver diseases to show if treatment is effective, checking cirrhosis, drug toxicity and side effects of certain medicines.

The results either report elevation or demotion of enzymes/proteins in the liver. The doctor must carefully differentially diagnose your condition according to enzyme levels and aid in drug therapy selection.

A Liver Function Test in Italy costs on average 65 Euros. (information based on our data as of September 2022)

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