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Urinalysis in Genoa - Genova

Casa della Salute

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Urine test Casa della Salute

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Common conditions covered by a Urinalysis

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Microalbuminuria Kidney stone Bladder cancer High Blood Pressure Diabetes Trichomoniasis

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Urinalysis FAQs

The indications of urinalysis include: Suspected kidney disorders like glomerulonephritis Detection of a Urinary Tract Infection Detection of Metabolic Disorders like Diabetes Mellitus Diagnosis of pregnancy Detection of plasma cell dyscrasias

Urinalysis is usually done for two reasons: As a part of the general examination to help in the early detection of diseases like diabetes and chronic kidney disease. As a diagnostic test for patients showing symptoms of the urinary tract or renal diseases.

The quickest approach to test urine is using a rapid urine test. This entails briefly dipping a test strip with brief coloured squares onto the urine sample. Then, you must wait a short while for the outcome to show up. The test strip's fields change colour depending on how much of the specific chemical you are testing for is present. As a result, the colours of the areas are then contrasted with a colour table.

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Urine test - what is it and how the test is done

A urinalysis is a simple yet comprehensive test that is used to analyse the various aspects of your health using your pee as a sample. Several kidney, liver, and diabetes-related problems can be di...

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