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Patch Test in Ternate

Farmacia Bucci

Piazza Libertà, 9, 21020 Ternate VA, Italia


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Allergy Test Farmacia Bucci

Get a Patch Test (Allergies Test) in Ternate with Farmacia Bucci.

Find out about the cost and other information on this page and contact Farmacia Bucci directly to book an Allergy Test.

Aller Profiles, utili ad individuare le presenza di allergie alimentari e inalanti. Aller Profiles sono test semi-quantitativi in vitro (RAST) che permettono di rilevare nel sangue la presenza di anticorpi di classe IgE, specifici per ogni singolo allergene (IgE), utili per lo screening di allergie alimentari e respiratorie.

Common conditions covered by an Allergies Test

Peanut allergy Seafood allergy Pollen allergy Mold allergy Pet dander allergy

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Patch Test FAQs

One in three people is allergic to common allergens that may be present in our environment and foodstuff. Every person's response to an allergen (anything that causes allergy) can be different. Therefore, it is essential to carry out an allergy panel test to know the triggers and better control that situation by preparing in advance to prevent accidental exposure to allergens.

The test involves a simple finger prick or blood test to determine the allergy to a specific substance beforehand, and it allows us to be vigilant to prevent future exposure.

An Allergies Test in Italy costs on average 135 Euros. (information based on our data as of September 2022)

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