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Allergy Test - what is it and how the test is done

The environment around us is not as clean and pure as it should be. Knowing this, we all should understand that not all of us are the same and that our bodies react and perceive differently to different triggers and stimuli around us. Many people are sensitive and different substances have different effects on them. For example, smoke, pollen, animal dander, and fur can greatly exacerbate the asthma of a susceptible patient. Similarly, other substances such as drugs or medicine can also cause allergies or reactions to occur in some other susceptible patients. For this reason, it is always recommended to get allergy sensitivity tests done so that doctors can find beforehand which a person is sensitive towards and therefore, could avoid prescribing that particular drug to that patient. For asthmatic patients, doctors either prescribe a known anti-allergy drug that helps them keep their allergies at bay and prevents their episodes from occurring at the unlikeliest of times.

Common conditions covered by an Allergies Test

Peanut allergy Seafood allergy Pollen allergy Mold allergy Pet dander allergy

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Allergy Test FAQs

One in three people is allergic to common allergens that may be present in our environment and foodstuff. Every person's response to an allergen (anything that causes allergy) can be different. Therefore, it is essential to carry out an allergy panel test to know the triggers and better control that situation by preparing in advance to prevent accidental exposure to allergens.

Allergy is a process by which our body reacts abnormally and triggers our immune system in response to an allergen to evoke an answer that is not activated in other people usually. It is like a 'false alarm' of the immune system. Such people become sensitive to that particular substance that initiated it.

Allergy is primarily due to genetic factors and environmental factors. It can develop at any age; however, it is mainly noted in the early 20s of a person. Substances such as house dust mites, animal/pet dander, spices, peanuts, and drugs like penicillin can cause allergies.

The test involves a simple finger prick or blood test to determine the allergy to a specific substance beforehand, and it allows us to be vigilant to prevent future exposure.

Yes, sometimes anti-allergy drugs are prescribed according to the patient's symptoms, whether there is skin itching, hives, cough or sneezing like in asthma.

An Allergies Test in Italy costs on average 135 Euros. (information based on our data as of September 2022)