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Vaginosis Test - what is it and how the test is done

An infection could be an unpleasant and unwelcome guest to deal with! Not to mention the fact that when an infection occurs ‘down there’, you can do little to nothing to get rid of the discomfort, pain, and burning feeling that seems to have no end! What Does A Bacterial Swab Test For? A vaginal swab test is used to detect the culture and sensitivity of the vagina and to accordingly diagnose any impending infection that a female might have. In females, it is common to develop a vaginal infection due to several reasons. Therefore, it is highly recommended for all females to get routinely tested for different organisms to rule out the possibility of developing an infection such as Candidiasis, Vaginosis, and several others. Usually, a vaginal swab test is ordered when a woman experiences any of the following symptoms: Lower abdominal pain accompanied by vaginal discharge Itching around the vagina Burning pain while urinating Foul-smelling or discoloured vaginal discharge The test is a bit uncomfortable. A doctor will insert a small speculum and then use a cotton swab or stick to collect specimens of your vaginal discharge to test them out for any organisms. However, you should be assured that with these tests, it becomes easier to rule out several serious and life-threatening infections such as Human Papillomavirus (HPV), Herpes virus, and others.

Common conditions covered by a Vaginal Swab Test

Chlamydia Vaginal thrush Bacterial vaginosis Trichomonas vaginalis Genital Tract Infection Urinary Tract Infection

Where to get a Bacterial Vaginosis Test in Italy

Vaginosis Test at-Home and Self Tests

Vaginosis Test FAQs

A vaginal swab test is a test for determining the presence of infection-causing microorganisms in the vagina.

If you experience lower abdominal pain, intense itching around the vagina, burning sensation while urinating, and foul-smelling vaginal discharge, then you schedule a visit to your OBGYN specialist for a swab test.

You should avoid inserting anything into your vagina, intercourse, and douching at least 24 hours before the test.

The procedure can be a bit discomforting as the doctor will insert a speculum into your vaginal cavity to collect the microbial cells and seal them after collecting. Self-testing kits are also available.

A vaginal swab test is a simple test to diagnose vaginal infections such as bacterial vaginosis and trichomonas vaginalis. It also helps to rule out severe and life-threatening sexually transmitted infections such as the Herpes virus and HPV virus.

A Vaginal Swab Test in Italy costs on average 40 Euros. (information based on our data as of September 2022)